Friday, July 17, 2009

...with unhealthiness and taxes for all.

I watched a little bit of Super Size Me while I woofed down my drive-through burger (not McDonalds, but still...) and was as thoroughly grossed out as I remembered being the first time I watched.

Now, I'm cooking my VERY healthy spinach and mushroom lasagna (as a result of SuperSize Me), and am watching hearings from the House Ways & Means Committee on passing the America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.

Both my burger and these hearings are making my blood pressure rise.
Burger: bad for my body by increasing fat and salt. Hearing: bad for our country by increasing taxes, limiting freedom and replacing a competitive industry with a government program.

Is there a solution? Yes! Stop eating burgers and replace with nutritious food that may take just a little longer to prepare, but will ensure a longer life. And, yes! Take a step back and make sure we're doing the right thing that Americans NEED (not want as a result of overhyped "crisis" reporting! I want a burger, but I need a salad!).

Even those who oppose many portions of the Act are going to pass because "the country needs this now!" Really? Really?!

About as much as I need another burger...

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Anonymous said...

I like your analogy. You have a good point. (of course, you and I are in agreement!)