Monday, September 14, 2009

The Sound of Silence

I've been pretty quiet lately...and was chastised for it last night! So, to keep my extensive readership happy and knowledgeable, here's what I haven't blogged about over the last couple/many weeks:

1. I did not lose my job! However, a guy in my dept. did. This leads to me taking over all of his responsibilities after his final day on Sept. 27 and making my crazy life just that much more insane.

2. I nearly lost the tip of my finger to a my dogs teeth: While breaking up a fight between Sadie and another dog, my right-hand index finger got in Sadie's mouth (don't even ask - it happened too fast. All I DO know is I remember the moment when her teeth cut through my flesh. Not a fun memory.) I got five stitches from edge to edge. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch. I've since discovered the great sensitivity of finger tips.

3. My final semester of school has begun. I feel like there should be an exclamation point behind that sentence, but I'm waiting for the elation to set it - it hasn't yet...

4. I'm still pondering the diet thing - we'll see.

5. I would love to post some great pictures of our amazingly redone kitchen. However, I'm NEVER home during the day for good light. So, try to be patient. Maybe this weekend?

6. I had a great weekend with my newly-turned-11-year-old sister! We did a spa day, went to see UP (a great movie! I cried. Twice.), went shopping and had some good chats. Happy (belated) birthday Janna girl!

And that's what's happened while I've been inaudible here. More audibility to come. Promise.


pat ve said...

It is good to see you back on. I am sorry about the dog bitten finger. Hope it heals quickly. It sounds like an injury to a pretty important member. I am excited for you finishing your last semester.

Andi said...

I loved that movie! I thought it was adorable! :)