Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is this Ok?

Can I write an entire blog post using only questions? Not a single answer? Will you get sick and click that "x" or keep reading?

How do we spend more time with those we've chosen to have in our lives? How do we get beyond the "should'ves and gottas" to spend quality moments - and lots of them - with the people we claim to care about?

How do the responsibilities grow so large that they block the sun, the light, any hope for a peaceful future?

How do I just STOP it all and take a peaceful moment? And find the time for healthy choices, healthy activities and healthy relationships?

How do we move beyond the stress of work and find the joy?

Does it ever get easier?

(Aren't you glad you encouraged me to get back on the blogging wagon?)

1 comment:

pat ve said...

Hey, I have had scads of questions lately from the 6 siblings who got a new baby sister. Their questions are repititious and annoying at times. I enjoy reading some of yours. There is only one answer to your's, and God gives it "Be still and know that I am God." Hope you have a minute or two a day of stillness in His presence.