Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Stress

I should have known this would happen.
A tiny comment from a friend sent me into gulping sobs today.
The dog watched with sympathetic eyes until I quieted myself.
Why do the everyday concerns about life, friends, marriage and school all seem to hit at once?


pat ve said...

I hope today goes better. I will pray for you.

Making my way in PA said...

Oh I get you. I know those days. Mine was last Saturday. I sat in the parking lot at Ross's with my husband in the car and just sobbed. I think I just needed a good cry.

Andi said...

Hey you!! We all have those days...I've had one of those months. Maybe we need to get together for dinner soon? Whatd'ya say? Love you much!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you're back to blogging! And with the words, tears, and stress: been there. Is it part of our DNA?.. the horrormones, I think.